Sub assembly colours in sw2004?

jjs wrote on 19.9.2003 23:38

I was just looking to see about your question, because I have an assembly open and do not have this problem. However, I have colored my parts with the "color" tool and not by defining the material. And my subassemblies look fine.

So to experiment I just opened a part and decided to apply a material... Well, that totally locked up the program! CPU was peaked out and program not responding. So I ended it and started again. Then the same thing happened... But after about 2 minutes it applied the material! Strange... Now I can switch materials normally. Does the program have to to some sort of first run thing the first time materials are used? I think this is the first time I applied them since installing 2004sp0.

Anyway, everything updated fine in the subassembly. What I was wondering was if there was some strange behavior between materials and Edit Color feature, because I vaguely remember having the same problem during the beta process...


You might try to RMB on the subassy in the FM and select the color button on the right. Then select remove color as that would/should remove any setting you may have made in the parent assembly. Sometimes that can cause this behaviour (especially if this is an assembly created before 2004).

Hope that helps!


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This is happening every time I hit the Play button on Animator. I remove the gray color, but Animator puts it right back.


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Mike J. Wilson

Yep, same story here. Usually happens on curvy stuff.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

Is this a known problem - I don't seem to be able to get the part colours to show correctly in a sub assembly.

When the sub-assembly is open the parts have various colours. All is well.

When the main assembly is viewed, the sub-assembly (with all the coloured parts) just shows as a grey.

Very frustrating - Have I missed something in the new SW options or interface?

What do people feel about the new 'chunky' lines - I find them all a bit too much on the eye and find selecting a face very difficult - always seems to select edges. I keep using the 'x' hotkey to select a face. Is there a way to 're-weight' the way the cursor automatically shows what is being selected?

Anyway - back to the grind and relearning the software ;-)


Jonathan stedman

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Mike J. Wilson wrote on 19.9.2003 21:41

That fits: It was a very curvy office chair base. Good to know so I don't freak out next time. Have you noticed a difference if the surface is imported verses constructed in SW?

Suppose I should have waited rather than kill the process the first time. Just not patient enough and always suspicious of PCs when they start doing their own thing....


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Hmmm, haven't tried that yet.

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Mike J. Wilson

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