Break View minus center lines

There seems to be a bug with the Break View command in SW2003. After the Break View is created, all center lines that were in the original view disappear and new ones cannot be added, nor can center marks be added. Can Anyone confirm this or know of a work-around?


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Brian Cannon
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Yepp...this is a bug...and has been for quite a while.... I don't really know of a good workaround....I tried the other day to insert the center line manually, but I couldn't mate it to the shaft properly so i gave it up. Same thng with a round part with break out view they act very strange.


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Krister L

Two work round's off the top of my head are

  1. Create an axis in the part & then show the axis in that view. or
  2. Show temp axis, draw a center line & make them collinear.

Matt B.

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Matthew A. Bush

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