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I'm having hard times importing a IGES file in to ANSYS6.1. The IGES file consists of an assembly that I have made under SolidWorks (SW), when I saved the IGES file I check the box "save all the components of an assembly in one file" and select a coordinate sytem that was created in the assembly file. The problem is that when I import the file into ANSYS (faceted options) the parts instead of being assembled are spread out. Apparently the parts are placed in respect with their own coordinate system instead of being in respect with the new coordinate sytem that was created in the assembly. Is there something that I forgot to do....? The only import options that I have under ANSYS is the IGES format.

Also is there free application that prepares the IGES file to be read into ANSYS with the Smooth options instead of faceted? The difference between the two ways of importing is that the smooth option keeps the structure of the surfaces and the faceted option approximates the surfaces with a faceted quilt. Everytime that I try to read the IGES file with the smooth option there is always half of the surfaces that are missing. The reasons why I want to import with the smooth option is because of the mesh (elements).

By the way the assembly is the upper part of the femur with a metallic implant inserted into the bone. So the surfaces are quite complex. If you can be of any help, let me know.

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It sounds like Ansys isn't reading and executing the transfomations in the IGES file. Mastercam reads the file in, in the part coordinate position , then translates/transforms the part to the assembly coordinates, and "blanks" the original. Kinda messy (you end up with two copies of every part, but only one is visible) but it works.

Which trimmed surface option did you use, 144"s or 186's ? You may want to try some different out put options, like NURBS or standard.

Ansys has had Parasolid-in capability for awhile now. Is it a megabuck extra cost option ? The current version is 7.1, so 6.1 couldn't be more than a couple years old.

The faceting is an Ansys thing. Sounds like maybe the trim accuracy isn't tight enough for Ansys. Make sure you have "high trim curve accuracy" checked in the options.

You also might want to run the data through "Rhino". Read in as parasolid, and out put as IGES. Rhino is famous for being able to straighten out data automatically. You can download a fully functional thirty day trial at

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It's only about $600.00, so if it works it's a cheap solution



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