Grrr...Units with IGES Import

Can anyone explain what the &*@#$ is going on here:

I have an IGES of an assembly exported from AutoCAD that I need to import into SW. After the first attempt it was obvious the units are screwed up. I see no way of scaling an assembly in SW so I jump on the web and learn how to edit an IGES file's units. Change "2HIN" to "2HMM".

Sounds simple, right?

Then why does SW create identical models for both versions of the IGES? Comparing the The IGES import .err file shows that SW recognized the correct units in both cases but for some reason it always interprets the dimensions as inches.

I'm running SW 2001Plus with SP6.

Thanks for any help

Joel Moore

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Joel Moore
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I have seen this fixed by directly editing the iges file. In the case I saw, It had something to do t\eith the export, not the import.

Sorry I can't even be more specific on how the edit was made.

How about just import it, apply a scale feature of the appropriate amount? If you really want, you could then export to parasolid and bring it back in - at the right size.

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Tracey Parker

"Tracey Parker" wrote in news:

If it was just one part then that would work for us, but if the IGES is an assembly of dozens or hundreds of parts it would be a major pain. You can't scale assemblies.

Although, now that I think of it, it probably wouldn't be that hard to write a macro to do this. The assembly would still be screwed up since the parts in an imported IGES assembly are positioned relative to some coordinate system (i.e. no relations).

Anyway, we happened to have an ACIS file of the same assembly that had no unit information in it. In this case SW prompted us for the units. Problem solved...for now.

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Joel Moore

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