Re: IGES import units?!?

"Nikolay G. Shulga" wrote in
Well, that probably sounds scary, but by far the easiest is to hack
> the IGES file. It is text, 80 symblos per line - use Notepad and make
> sure line wrapping is off. Units are specified in the Global section,
> typically first 5 or so lines marked with "G" in the 72nd position of > the line.
> Look for 2HIN or 4HINCH and replace it with 2HMM.Note that positions
> 72-80 are reserved, so if the original string was 4HINCH, you'll need
> to adjust the last 8 symbols of the line you have edited by moving
> them right 2 spaces.
> NS
Have you tried this? Does this work for you?
Because for us SW2001+ ALWAYS assumes the values in an IGES file are in
inches. WTF? What a dumb POS.
Joel Moore
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Joel Moore
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