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Hi I am currently working with someone in my work who uses LT2007, whilst I use the full version of 2006. Every now and again all the lines in the plot drawing he creates come out all white - despite the original colour of the lines being whatever colour they are in model space. Once they become all white, I cannot seem to change the lines back to their original colour when viewed in the plot view. The plot drawings were created with xrefs and it's these xrefs that stubbornly stay all white, rather than retain their original line colours. I have tried changing the colour of the layer the xref is on as well as altering the layer the xref is actually on, but all to no avail. We have a mix of people using 2006 full version and LT2007 and his is the only autocad version where this problem occurs.

I am stumped and was wondering whether anybody has any ideas I could look into.

Thanks in advance Mike

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This was a well documented problem with '06 versions. A patch was released some time back. I received the same in June of '06. File is named AdskScSrvHotfix. This is not be the same file you will need to search for as I use Architectural Desktop. More than likely the correct one can be located on Autodesk's site.

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George P

Thanks George for your answer.

However, I found the solution was to right click on tab>page setup>plot device tab> uncheck display plot styles located to the right of the plot style table box. It worked a treat.

The mention of the file AdskScSrvHotfix in your post has made me realise that all of our pcs in work need the latest service packs. So thanks for making me remind myself to do this.


George P wrote:

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