how do I plot in black and white?

I am running acad2k and have opened an older drawing. when I select
monochrome.stb i strill get the original colors. I know
monochrome.ctb will work but i cant get it to appear on the list of
available plot styles even though it shows up in the plot style
editor. I am plotting on a deskjet with full color.
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In the monochrome.stb table, the plotstyle NORMAL is set to use the object color. To print black and white, use the layer manager and change the plotstyle for all the layers to something different than NORMAL. You must then of course make sure that the correct color (black) is set for these plotstyle .
Ben. ps. Make also sure that 'plot with plotstyles' is selected in the page setup.
schreef in bericht news:
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I just wanted to add that a drawing has to use EITHER stb OR ctb. They are not interchangeable, there is no setting to change from to the other (2k versions, anyway).
Ben wrote:
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You'll have to change your printer to print in black&white. This can be done through Windows in control panel under printers
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HUH??? ___
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Paul Turvill

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