Tale of Two Layout Tabs

I have had extraordinary problems for a probably very simple cause,
which I can't identify. When working in paperspace, I am unable to
get my layouts to print as they will plot from my .stb. I would like
to work in color except when I go to paperspace, where I prefer my
outputs to be 3D Hidden. As far as I have gotten is shown at the
video I've posted to screencast.com. The link to the video is
formatting link

It shows how one layout tab produces a plot preview that is black and
white, which is what I want. Layout2 produces color print previews.
I have made every setting I can think of the same. If I can learn
what is causing Layout2 to plot preview in color, I will understand
how to control this variable. Both layouts plot in black and white,
but lLayout1 is in a hidden line style, and layout2 is shaded.
If I could have everything, I would be able to create paperspace
layouts that had serveral layouts, and would be able to assign
different Styles to each. However, just being able to get certain
Layouts to plot in black and white at will would be a dream, and to
understand what's going on.
I'll be honest in saying I haven't figured this out in over a year,
and I am getting really depressed over it in terms of my Autocad
If you are nervous about the link, check out screencast.com first, and
you will see it's just a YouTube type site that links to Camtasia
Studio, with which I record my videos.
I just checked out the link, and realize it is too small to see
settings in the dialog boxes. Just ask me to check settings.
However, the first 30 seconds of the file shows what happens when I
select plot preview from each layout tab.
Your expertise, or even guesses, would be really appreciated.
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