I need crisp black and white plots from a laser printer. I've set my
plot style to Style-1on all layers, set Style_1 to black, checked 'plot
with Plot Syles'. My printer (a Brother HL-1440 laser printer) does
not have a way to set it to only BW. My model in the viewport in
paperspace shows up green as it should, as its layer is green. When I
Plot Preview, it shows up green, however, on the page, while all
paperspace elements show up as black, appropriately. When I plot, it
shows up as a faint gray. I've been working on this for a while...
PS I have Display Plot Styles checked as well.
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Original Poster here...after 2.5 hours of screwing around, I discovered that having Shade Plot set to Hidden in the properties of the viewport did the trick. Of course, strangely, the viewport border itself has decided to plot gray. I spent the two hours perusing the plotter and page setup files, nver thinking about the properties box. What is this setting, and why does it not appear in the printing related dialogue boxes?
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Me again.
Setting the Properties: Shade Plot to Hidden grays out options in the page setup dialogue box. What connection does the Hidden designation have to Plot Styles?
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You didn't mention your AutoCAD version. But chances are you're overlooking the MONOCHROME PLOT STYLE. ___
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Paul Turvill
check your plot style settings for that particular colour and make sure that dithering is off and that screening is %100
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