Newbie frustrated with linetype scaling, dashes not dashed when plotting...

In AutoCAD 2004, I draw 1:1 in modelspace, working with land parcels
that can be 10 miles wide and 10 miles long, if not larger.
At times I need to annotate my drawing with different types of lines to
represent existing infrastructure and proposed infrastructure. I need
for my proposed infrastructure to be represented as a dashed line.
When it comes to plotting my "maps", I need to plot them anywhere from
a 1"=1 mile scale to 4"=1 mile scale, on everything from from 11 X 17
tabloid paper up to 42" wide plotter paper.
In paperspace, I can make my lines dashed in any format that I choose,
but if I draw them in model space, I can't get the dashes to show up
correctly, if at all, once I get ready to plot.
I can draw my dashed lines in paper space on each layout, but if I
adjust the drawing while in "model space", obviously, I lose the
placement of my dashed lines that were drawn on the "paper", and not in
the model.
I've gone to linetype manager and my global scale factor is 1, current
object scale is 1, and the "use paper space units for scaling" checkbox
is checked.
What am I missing. I know it must be simple, I just can't figure it
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Check out the posts titled "LTSCALE AND PSLTSCALE" all you need to know is in there.
hs> In AutoCAD 2004, I draw 1:1 in modelspace, working with land parcels
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Thats your problem mate, the "use paper space units for scaling" should be un-checked.
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Remo Shiva
Try setting PSLTSCALE to 0. Uncheck 'use paperspace scaling'.
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Brian Salt
Thanks to all who replied. I don't know why I had so much trouble figuring this one out, but I think I've got it straight now.
In model space, I changed LTSCALE>1, in paper space, I changed PSLTSCALE=0, then I "REGEN ALL". All my lines appear as they should now.
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