plot scale tips required for a new starter

i am trying to get my first plot out of autocad 2004 and am having real
problems with the scaling of the plot.
I have gone back to a simple scenario to try and work out where I am
going wrong but am still not getting it right.
1. i work in metric (decimal units 0.000 precision)
2. i have drawn a simple rectangle with dimensions 10.000m by 10.000m
3. when I plot this at 1:1 the rectangle measures 103mm by 103mm
i am sure there is something fundamental i am doing wrong
any tips would be most welcome
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How did you draw your model? What was your base unit for this drawing? Meters? MM's? (Did you draw it to be 10X10X10X10?or 10,000 x10,000 x10,000 x10,000 ?)
Have you drawn your model in model space? Have you added a border in paperspace that will fit the sheet you are trying to plot to? What is your viewport scale set to?
Assuming you were plotting the drawing to be 1:100 your viewport should be: (10X10X10X10 model) 1/1xp (10,000 x10,000 x10,000 x10,000 ) 1/1000xp
Then make sure when you go to plot that the scale factor is set to 1:1
for more info, try Lynn Allen's paper space columns
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Brian Spillane
I assume this is meant to be a plot at 1;10 not 1:1? :-)
Have you checked the calibration of the plotter? It seems to me that the plotter is 3% out.
Can you just plot a rectangle at 1:1, say a rectangle of 100mm x 100mm, without any scaling, just to check the plotter?
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B. W. Salt.
problem solved before i saw your message
you were spot on
1. set viewport scale and then set plot scale to 1:1
Brian Spillane wrote:
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