Scale hatches for different printout scales

Hello everybody,
I'm wondering if there's an way of scaling existing hatches according
to different scales in print-out.
e.g.: I've got drawings, drawn in scale 1:50 and hatched for printout
in a suitable scale. If I want to print extracts (details) from this
drawing in let's say 1:5, the existing hatches are too huge in scale.
Is there a way to rescale the existing hatches ? Something like a
global scale factor which in reverse scales every hatch.
The problem is, that I want to have the 1:50 drawing as an under-layer
in my detail drawings as an xref. So I would have to change every hatch
scale in the main 1:50 drawing, which then would be too dense for
printing in 1:50. For linetypescale this works really fine using the
Any comments would be a great benefit for me!
Thank you!
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No simple way to do what you want in acad. Most people would hatch the same thing twice on distinct layers if they want to print it a different scales.
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Michael Bulatovich
Thank you for your quick response!
So it definitely doesn't work with hatches like it works with linetypes?
Greets Markus
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Michael Bulatovich
Your issue would seem to start with the problem of drawing to scale. In AutoCAD you draw the drawing in model space full size, ie 1:1. You plot from the layout views (paper space) at the scale you want your sheets to plot. You should NEVER draw to a scale. I can't even concieve how anyone could be productive trying to draw to scale in a computer. If you draw 1:1 your hatches will scale according to your viewport scale and the LTSCALE factor. Every AutoCAD course I have taken or been involved in teaches that you draw 1:1 and use viewports in paper space to plot the drawings at the scale you need.
Daryl Stockton
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I used to work for an engineering firm where everything was drawn in ACAD to scale. This would quickly turn most people's brains to mush.
After a week of this, I started drawing everything 1 to 1 damn the consequences and after the boss saw how much faster I was producing made everyone switch. I also had to teach everyone how to scale paper space and setup the sheets. No one understood how I could plot every sheet whether 1/4 scale of 1=50 at 1 to 1 scale...
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