Aurora Scales

Picked up a couple of Aurora kits at a yard sale last fall,
and finally got to looking at them. I'm wondering what scales
they are:
Tiger Moth
Nieuport 28.
Don McIntyre
Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
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Many of Aurora's biplanes were only nominally 1/48 and varied somewhat but these two were in fact a true 1/48 scale.
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Al Superczynski
Al, Thanks much. I hadn't realized how small both planes were. Looking at them in the box I'd have almost bet they were like 1/60th or something. 8-) Plastic-wise both kits are in great shape. A little mildew on the (original-release I think) boxes and decals, but still pretty nice.
Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
"Don McIntyre" wrote in news:
Aurora made a bunch of biplanes back in the day. They are generally good if very dated (state of the art in 1960s). OTOH, at the time they were about it for medium sized bipes. I have a pile of them in different boxes, including the Gotha bomber and the DH-9. Actually quite impressive. I suspect that there is a fair enough pile of WWI aftermarket now that even if something specific isn't made you can probably replace or build any parts, particularly the cockpits, they weren't terribly complex at all.
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Gray Ghost
I remember thinking the same thing 35 or so years ago when I got a few of them & I had been building Hawk & Monogram 1/48 WWII a/c. I also remember thinking the same when I built Hawk's Cessna Skymaster!
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