Same Name, Diferent Subjects

I'm looking for a subject for a collection with an unusual theme: subjects
with the same name. I've started a list, and so far the most subjects I've
gotten with the same name is 9. I'm more or less limiting entries to my
list to subjects that are reasonably available as plastic kits, or easy
conversions from an existing kit.
9 subjects:
Enterprise: 1799 brig, CV-6, CVN-65, space shuttle, (5) star trek ships
(While this is nine different subjects, I think the Star Trek ships are
sorta redundant.)
6 subjects with the same name:
Comet: Me-163, DH-88, Mercury car, airliner, British tank, Clipper ahip
Falcon: Ford car, Star Wars Millenium Falcon, F-16, French jet, Aurora
pirate ship, Apollo LEM
Hornet: USN carriers (2), Me-410, F/A-18, German WW2 SP AT gun, DH-103
Lightning: P-38, British jet, clipper ship, Opel Blitz, N1K2-J Shiden,
Macchi Folgore
Thunderbolt: P-47, Saab Viggen, 1964 Ford car, 2001 Ford Pickup,
Mitsubishis J2M3 ("Raiden"), Saetta jet
5 subjects:
Challenger: British tank, Space Shuttle, Apollo LEM, Dodge car, clipper
Tiger: German heavy tanks (2), F-5 fighter, DH-82 Tiger Moth, HMS Tiger
I'm going for maximum diversity in subject, which is why I'm not that keen
on the "Enterprise" group.
I'm sure I've missed some good subjects- anyone care to add to my list?
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RC Boater
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You forgot one for Thunderbolt: A-10
"I'll be back..."
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Mustang, Tempest, Challenger, Barracuda,
Cheers, Max Bryant
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Max Bryant
If you're going to allow the Millenium Falcon as a "Falcon", then you have to allow the Green Hornet as a "Hornet". That brings this line up to 7 subjects, the seventh being a figure model. (This certainly brings the diversity level up...)
Does the Kubrick figures of the Green Hornet count as a model? If not then you'll have to go with the nearly-completed figure available at . The figure does have two sets of hands, so there's some building needed here...
11 subjects: Thunderbird: two major model runs of a Ford car, T-38A and F-16 jets, Triumph motorcycle (I only know of die-casts for this one), five different Gerry Anderson TV show vehicles, surface-to-air missile (scratchbuilding tips available at )
Hope this helps.
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Rob Kelk
For the Challenger, there's also the Canadair & I think there was a race car. For the Falcon, there are several versions of "the French jet", if you mean Dassault's, all different airframes: Falcon 10, 20, 50, & further variations to them. And the Curtiss fighter. And there's also Grumman's F11F Tiger & their F7F Tigercat if you want to stretch it a bit.
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Add : Sunbeam Tiger AMC Hornet
-- Chuck Ryan Springfield OH
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Charles Ryan
Bill - There are AT LEAST 2, possibly 3 US Navy Sailing ships named Enterprise....not to mention the HMS Enterprize....and when counting Star Trek Ships - Then I get a total of 8 starships - NX-01, from the current series - NCC-1701 the original - the upgraded one from the movies...1701A (which I'll grant you is identical to 1701) and then 1701B - 1701C - 1701D - and 1701E........I syuppose one could get picky & claim that's only 7 starships, but added to 2 carriers, a shuttle & 4 sailing ships....I get a total of 14 Enterprises.
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Kevin Vernon
Ar 234 Blitz, F-22, XP-58 Chain Lightning (Execuform kit), J7W1 Shinden. The N1K is also two distinct aircraft, sharing little more than the wing and general arrangement: N1K1-J Shiden & N1K2-J Shinden Kai. There is a also a WWII British destroyer Lightning (L class) and an Italian destroyer Folgore.
You might consider combining the lightning, thunder and thunderbolt categories--that will far overwhelm any possible combination of 'Enterprise' models and keep you busy for years.
Mark Schynert
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Mark Schynert
Add one to Comet for at least 7 subjects: New Haven Railroad's articulated streamliner, the Comet. Additionally, although I cannot document for sure, but I believe there were at least 2 or 2 additional cars named Comet, before Ford Motor Company latched on to the name.
Add two to Hornet for eight: Hudson produced the Hornet from 1951-54 (and AMC from 1955-1957). In addition, AMC produced an entirely different Hornet from 1970-75).
Make it at least 8 for Lightning: Ford's performance pickup of the 90's was called the Lightning. In addition, Vel's-Parnelli Jones Racing Team's last cars were called Lightnings.
Make 8 for Thunderbolt: George Eyston built and drove a Land Speed Record car called the Thunderbolt, and Chrysler built and sold at least 4 concept cars called the Thunderbolt in 1941.
Tiger: German heavy tanks (2), F-5 fighter, DH-82 Tiger Moth, HMS Tiger
Make it 8 for Tiger: The Sunbeam Tiger sports car of the middle 1960's. Grumman F7U Tigercat, and F11F Tiger.
What's even more interesting is the use of feline related names for all kinds of subjects:
Lion: Ships (at least two, correct?), The Napier aircraft engine,
Tiger: at least one, if not two ships, three aircraft at least, 2 German tanks and at least one sports car.
Bearcat: The legendary Stutz, plus Grumman's Fighter.
Bobcat: At least one car (Mercury)
Panther: The F9Fwith straight wings, plus at least a couple of concept cars, and a series of Indy cars.
Leopard: A tank.
Puma: A helicopter.
Ocelot: A helicopter, and a series of racing sports cars.
Cheetah: An armored vehicle (correct?) an early high-dollar SUV, and a famed racing sports car.
Tabby: The Japanese version of the DC-3.
Manx: The Bruce Meyer's designed Dune Buggy conversion, also was there not a British ship by this name?
Wildcat: Grumman's F4F, and several decades worth of Buick dream cars, luxury cars.
Tomcat: F14
Hellcat: F6F (also, was there not an AFV by this nickname?)
Cougar: F9F, plus 5 generations of Mercury cars.
Lynx: Helicopter, Mercury car.
Jaguar: The legendary British performance cars 30's to the present, a fighter/bomber, perhaps even an AFV?
I doubt if any other "family" of animal names ever even came close to the entire cat family in being used to name ships, cars, aircraft or military vehicles?
Art Anderson
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Also the Vincent Comet motorbike, half a Black Shadow engine IIRC, Cheers, Bill.
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William Davies
it wasn't really half the 1000cc rapide, (black shadow was just a hotrodded rapide engine with black jugs.) the comet started as a side valver upright twin, (sell your house, wife, and models to buy one.) and used a burman gearbox like the ariel 4 and the panther model 100's. they look a lot alike, designed by the same guy. you can buy a nice sorted comet for 10-12k. a rapide is 22k, and a black shadow about 26-90k depending on originality and quality if restored. i blew up a rapide in high school. rode it into the ground in a summer. duh!
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typo, supposed to be upright single.
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RC Boater sais something like this:
Add the dH-106 Comet (first jet airliner into service) - it was modified to become the HS Nimrod ASW aircraft. Models? Possibly a vac or two......
Ford Australia has a series of cars named Falcon - the first was in '66(?) the last is still going.... Model availability is difficult, though - but Cavalier Models has just released the 2dr XC (77) Cobra version in resin. Think Mad Max's Interceptor (although the model after) and you'll know the one I mean!
RobG (the Aussie one)
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Rob Grinberg
Constellation: at least 4. Three ships: U.S.S. Constellation (1797), U.S.S. Constellation (1854), and U.S.S. Constellation (CV64) (1961). One aircraft: the Lockheed Constellation.
And since others are counting Star Trek, we can add one more: The Starship Constellation, for a total of 5.
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Robert A. Walker
How about "Crusaders"?
The F-8 The Tank Assorted Figures From "The Crusades" Batman "Caped Crusader" More than likely some NHRA car(s) had the name.... More than likely some ships... More than likely a Sci-Fi subject....
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Greg Heilers
Eagle: MDD F-15, USCG Barque, Daimler-Chrysler marque.
Dart: Convair F-106 Delta-wing Interceptor, Dodge car. Dakota: British (Lend-lease) Douglas C-47, Dodge truck. Spitfire: British WWII Fighter, Triumph sports car. Typhoon: British Fighter-bomber, European Advanced-technology Fighter. Lancer: Rockwell B-1B, Dodge car. Prowler: Grumman EA-6B ECM Aircraft, Dodge exotic car. Bronco: Rockwell OV-10 COIN Aircraft, Ford SUV. Avenger: British(?) Ship, Grumman WWII Torpedo/Bomber Aircraft, Dodge car. Scorpion: Northrop F-89 Interceptor, Lancia exotic car. Whirlwind: British twin-engined WWII Fighter-bomber, Helicopter; both by Westland. Fox: German Armored vehicle, Audi car.
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Edwin Ross Quantrall
You missed a few: HMS Eagle (at least 15 RN ships have had this name, the most recent two having been carriers, one of the earlier ones was the ship unsucessfully attacked by Bushnell's Turtle submarine in the American Revolution), Apollo 11 LEM, The North American Eagle land speed record challenger (think F-104A with no wings and wheels and you'll be exactly right), several long distance balloons notably the Double Eagle II and Double Eagle V, and the space ship in Space 1999.
John Benson ------------------------ IPMS El Paso Web Guy
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John Benson
Also, I think MOWAG (of Piranha fame/notoriety) produces an armored car called Eagle, which is in use by the Danish army.
Does anybody know whether there is a kit of the MOWAG Eagle somewhere?
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Lasse Hillerøe Petersen
Also the German Wirbelwind (AA tank?)
(I just saw that in another thread while doing some catch up reading.)
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Lasse Hilleroe Petersen
There's also the "Winnebago spaceship" Eagle 5 from Spaceballs, assuming you want to add some whimsey to the collection and don't mind kitbashing. And isn't there an actual eagle (the bird) model out there somewhere?
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Rob Kelk

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