Dashed lines desplay and plot as solid in some layouts

I created a simple landscape and irrigation drawing on separate layers =
practice in AC 2004 and drew a Dashed Line for the Irrigation Main Line. =
When I
created a Layout tab for the irrigation and used Paper Space the dashed =
looked solid but in the original Model tab where I drew it showed as =
I changing the Lineweight to 0.25 mm but now the dashed line in the Model=
Tab is
solid and it's dashed in the paperspace layout tab. So I just reveresed =
problem rather than fixing it.
I'm stumped as to what I'm doing wrong
The line properties are:
Color Red
Layer 1-irrigation
Linetype Dashed
Linetype Scale 0.25 mm
Plot Style By Color (cant change)
Thickness 0"
The properties are the same in both layouts.
This is the first time I have tried to create layout tabs and I only did =
it at
the request of an architect (I'm Landscape Contractor not and architect).=
had lots of other drawings sent to me by landscape architects that only =
have one
Model tab so I'm not sure what the benefit is of having multiple layout =
Perhaps If I did it right I might see the benefit.
Are there any good books on the subject?
Thanks so much for the help.
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look up ltscale. here is what I think is happening to you.
I usually produce drawings that plot at 1/4" = 1'-0". while in model space I keep my LTSCALE at 48 ( 12 x 4 ). plotting from paper space, when setting up the viewport I use the scale factor 1/48XP, and have LTSCALE set to unity - 1.
that makes my plots look like what I am seeing on screen in model space.
when I need 1/8" = 1'-0" I can scale the paper space viewport to 12 * 8 - 1/96XP and the hidden lines in my 1/4 scale window match the hidden lines in my 1/8 window.
it is a little confusing, and for people who are used to plotting to only ONE scale, workarounds must seem like the way to go. but it misses the point of having paper space in the first place. floating, scalable viewports.
draw to scale but on PAPER you scale through the viewport.
LTSCALE adjusts how the linetypes appear on screen, and by setting it in model space to the inverse of the floating viewport - the reciprocals cancel out and all your dashes are of consistent length.
make sense?
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Thanks for the reply
I thought I understood what you ment but nothing I do seems to work. I = may just get rid of the paperspace layouts altogether. I had to set the Model Tab linescale to 10.00 to get the dashed lines right but if I do that in the = other tabs I loose the dashes in the Model tab
I have all the tabs for Model and Paperspace Page Setup and Plot Setups = the same but they dont desplay or plot the same.
Why not just scale the plot rather than the viewport?
Could you explain that last paragraph a little more
Huh? :)=20
And why is it that if you turn off a layer in Model viewport it goes off = in all the other viewports.?
Thanks Again John ____ _ | __\_\_o____/_|
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