Plotting Paper space as solid and Model Space grayed out

Hi, Is it possible to plot model space viewports grayed out (50%) and keeping the paper space items plotting as solid (100%)? I'm trying to plot out a site plan grayed out and keep all the title block and notes solid black.


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Sorry, Forgot to mention, I'm using LDD 2004.

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hi my name is frezly iam working for depa interiors in dubai

my solution might be rectify ur doughts and my point is

if u want to print the dwgs on model space in 50%screening and print the dwgs on layout in 100% screening. can u do one thing thing is have u created any ctb (plot style)files for ur autocad if not u have to creat.if so open the ctb file which u using.after open go to "FROM VIEW" tab in that u can see the color table in ur left side and other lot of details on ur right side and select the color which u want to screening after selecting the color,in ur right side of the dialogue box u can see a "SCREENING" option.on there u can edit how much screening u want.

this is for only one ctb files. if u want to plot the dwgs which in model on 50%screening,u will have to create a seperat ctb file for model tab. and u want to plot the dwgs which in layout on 100% screening.u will have to create another ctb file

if u create only one ctb file,,, the ctb file that u made is for model and layout space. ie one ctb file is applicable for both model and layout.or u can creat two ctb files,one for model and one for layout ok just try it

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