Paper Space Printing Problem

This is a new problem in a file that previously printed fine.
Problem: Only one viewport (of 3) prints when printing from
paperspace. Title block and annotations also do not print. If i
erase all viewports title block and annotations print.
Drawing Setup:
Model Space
(3) large civil and landscape files xrefed into architectural site
plan plus standard entities drawing misc details.
Scaled PS viewport for the plans plus (2) additional scaled PS
viewports of the details. Title blocked xrefed and annotation
I have checked (many many times) the layer configurations - the proper
layers are on/thawed and set to print. Issue still occurs if
everything in the whole drawing is moved onto layer 0.
Shade mode is set to 2D wire frame.
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You said that the files x-ref'd in were large so you could be experiencing the problem due to the file being too large for the computer to handle, might need to add memory or upgrade processor?
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