Need beginner help with plotting perspectives in MD6

I'm a beginner at Autocad, and I started with MD6.
Maybe not so smart, but I'm doing alright..... sort of...
and I've made enough progress to actually start
almost liking the thing.......
I'm also new to this group, so please be patient
if I ask a dumb question or something.
The problem I'm having is plotting (or printing) a
perspective view of a 3d model I've built.
I have a model of an engine stand, and it's all
holding together, except sometimes it still falls
apart........funniest damn thing .....
I've been able to print out different views of the parts
and have added a Scene for a couple of Layouts, one
exploded and the other not. It all seems to work okay,
except the perspective view is lost when the Scene is
viewed (displayed) from the Drawing tab.
I'm extremely confused about how all the scenes and
views and viewports are connected, and it's getting
I have the Scene (under the Scene tab) set up with a
nice perspective view. I have the View named. I switch
to the Drawing tab, and create a Layout and add the
Scene to it, but it doesn't come out in perspective.
There are alot of choices when adding the Scene, ....
UCS, World xx, View......... but I can't seem to find the
right combination.
While still in Drawing mode, I can switch to Model
from Paper (using the tab down close to the Snap
and Track buttons and stuff) and then using
Orbit / Projection, I can switch to Perspective view.
That brings it into perspective, but when I then update
the model using 'amupdate', it loses its scale.
It becomes huge.... in the original little block.........??
Also, before the update, when it still looks okay, it
seems to not be able to properly calculate the hidden
lines, and some lines are partially missing.
Also, the Orbit thing doesn't work that good, you can't
see what you're doing because a big round orbit thingy
blocks your view, so I think I must be doing something
all wrong.........
There must be a method to print out a simple
perspective view, and any help would be greatly
appreciated.... even a hint or two.....
I realize that I should buy a book.... but I have tried to
find info and have found help with Autocad to be very
expensive in general, and I can't afford it right now....
Thanks if you can help.
David Otte
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