GAH! What's teh command?

Hello, first time poster, but I'm hoping someone can help before I tear
out what's left of my hair!
I have a drawing done by someone else that they have done something odd
to in model space. They seem to have scaled it for some reason, and
hence, none of my layouts work. I remember being shown a command where
you could "tell" the drawing that a particular object had a known
length and the drawing would re-scale (for want of a better expression)
itself back to 1:1 in model space.
I can;t for the lif of me remeber what that command was, any thoughts?
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SCALE command, perhaps? There's a Reference option to let you use a known distance as a basis. ___
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Paul Turvill
That didn't help unfortunately and the SCALE command worked (see below) but isn't the one I'm thinking of, perhaps I'm not explaining it right. I got shown this command on a course I was on, but I've lost my notes (DOH!)
Anyway, I have a drawing sent to me by someone else, there is (for example) a path that I know is 2m wide, the dimension says 2m and all of the drawing is in the correct proportion, however, the actual (in drawing units) width of the path is 786.29 (example). Now every other part of the drawing is out by this factor. I managed to re-scale the drawing to make it work using the scale command, but I'm convinced there was a command that I could tell CAD that "these two points should be 2000 units apart, scale everything so that it is, and then click two points to indicate the distance.
Or did I imagine this? :)
Thanks again
-- Doug
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SCALE>> Base point: (click)>>R(for reference)>>Reference length:(click one point)>>Second point:(click)>>New length:(enter the number you want).
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Michael Bulatovich
If it's been scaled, that won't help. All that does is change the magnification, not the size.
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-->That IS the SCALE command with the "reference" option, as Paul said:
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Dr Fleau
Only if you use a dimension to find out how long something is, which I don't believe the OP said he did. Mind you, he didn't say he didn't either.
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Michael Bulatovich
I thought he was trying dimension in paperspace with a viewport not scaled 1:1
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what about the dimscale in the primary units box? is it set to 1?
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You can only be talking about the SCALE command with the REFERENCE length feature.
Only other way, but wrong way is `fooling' the dimensions using DIMLFAC. This can be used in a drawing with a scaled up view, for example if a particular view was scaled by a factor of two using the SCALE command, DIMLFAC would be set to 0.5
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Capt. Flack

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