Creating a dynamic flexible part - Part II

OK, So maybe I won't upload a model. I wanted to post a model that would show what I was trying to accomplish but have not found any command for uploading on this newsgroup thru the Google interface. Don't have access to a regular newsreader in the office so.... I will either send the model home to upload a file or upload it to one of my websites and provide a link.

In otherwords, after the holiday, I will have something available to show what I am working with



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You will probably not be able to upload to the ng since this is not a binary newsgroup.

I think you could get a good answer for your question if you were to answer the questions I posed earlier. How do you plan to activate the flexibility? Do you want to drag something on the screen in SolidWorks? Use a macro? Run an AVI? Run Animator? Some other software? Will this be displayed on your computer? A customers computer? The Web?

Several ways to do what you ask are available, but most of them are mutually incompatible. Please specify.

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Not sure if this may help but I put something together which may point you somewhere?

formatting link

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Paul Salvador

Doug, to make a rolling diaphragm or similar shorter diaphragm work, we need a proper command in Solidworks that lets us constrain the length of the surface in cross section that stays the same and lets the end of the diaphragm move within a range of set limits.

I would guess someone has done an API for this, though I suspect it would be in some commercial package for kinematics & other moving linkages.

I think it would be very useful.


Doug wrote:

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