change layers routine

Hi all....
I need a command to change layers.
This is how it would work
Select Command: Change to Std layers
user input: cross a section of the drawing that will be changed
prompt: which option?
user input: A
when user crossed a section of the drawing, 4 layers were selected
1-footing (or 2-footing, depending which layers were current)
the "Change to Std layers" command changes the selected
layers to:
It would never change 1-wall to 2-std-A-wall.
see what I mean?
sorry if I'm not explaining this well.
I am using AutoCAD 2006
Does this already exist?
Can someone help me with a routine?
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Other than the part about how it is activated, which I don't really understand, this is routine that could use a command call for the RENAME command. You could aim the routine with object selection, extract the layer names of the selections, test for the presence of the "std-" string in the right position of those layers, then rename the layers that pass that test.
I'd doubt that this will be sitting around for your use. Depending on your experience, it's not that hard to write really, but you have to ask yourself if it is worth the time (unless you look at it as skills development).
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