Re: Converting TEXT to MTEXT in AutoCAD LT 2000?

However, the ones that I have found so far only work with full
>AutoCAD, not LT.
Get a (legal) copy of LT Tool Kit
formatting link

GREAT piece of software. We've been using it for several years now with our
LT 2000 licences and it works GREAT as we can use our LISP routines
Given that a full version (here in Canada) is $6000+
A licence of LT plus LT Tool Kit is Less than $1500!!!
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Mr. B
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Autodesk must like Canadians. You guys pay almost $1000.00 (USD) more for full Autocad than we do. It must be that long international journey :)
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Off-list somebody recommended this program to me:
Cadaware LT Boost Extrem
formatting link
It has a free fully functional demo, and it installed with no problems.
Separately, I found the Lisp routine tx2mtx.lsp at a couple of places. It appears to do exactly what I need. Reading it I see that it converts a list of selected TEXT entities into an MTEXT entity, which would be great.
However, I can't get it to work. I loaded the routine by typing Appload at the AutoCAD LT prompt, and navigating to the folder with tx2mtx.lsp. Then I tried to run it by typing this in the AutoCAD command line:
I tried this with nothing selected, and after selecting the TEXT entities that I want to combine. Nothing happens.
Any other suggestions?
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Steven (remove wax for reply)
If it's supposed to work the same as in full acad, retype without the brackets. Also, it may be worth looking at the lisp file in Notepad just in case the defined routine name is not the same as the file name (unusual unless the file contains more than one function).
John B
johnbogie Put the "at" in the gap.
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It all works now, not sure what I did differently.
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Steven (remove wax for reply)

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