Fields in AutoCAD 2004 LT

Company i work for doesn't use the real AutoCAD but it's "light
version. I wanted to make a title bar filled automaticly usig field
and... i can' find such a thing in LT :( :shock: . Is there any wa
to use system variables. plot stamp is not enough, it can't eve
number the sheets. What can i do with that
Johnny. N
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Fields did not happen until AutoCAD 2005.
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Rick Francken
I'd recommend that they purchase a 3rd party Add on Lisp enabler. We used LT2000 and DRCAuto
formatting link
We used LT ToolKit Max for several years (over 20 licences). And it works just Great!
At that time, LT was about $1000 (Canadian). ToolKit was about $250 (Cdn). Meanwhile a full licence of AutoCad was over $5000. Can't beat that.
And DRCAuto still has a $30 (30 day) tryout cost so you can evaluate it (which we did before we purchased the licences).
Otherwise, you are somewhat out of luck as I see it as Script Files can work for you (in a limited fashion), but have no 'intelligence' that you can build in easily enough I believe.
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Mr. B
Call Autodesk and tell them that Autocad LT isn't real. See what they say.
"JohnnyRyall" wrote in message news:YLWdnSbsAId2rfreRVn
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