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Hi, I use Autocad 2004 in order to realise plan 3D of structure as building, house...With the fonction "Orbite 3D", I can easily to make turn my object in 3D. What I would like now is to register a sequency in order to realise a diaporama for example with the software Powerpoint, only turning and zooming. Do you know if it exists a fonction appropriate in Autocad 2004 or if I have to use an animation software? If it's the ultimate case, do you know an animation software free y easy to use? Thank you for your reponse!!

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I'm not sure if you can do this in plain vanilla AutoCAD, but in Architectural Desktop you can insert a camera object. As an example of a simple animation you can set up, draw a circle around your model at an elevation of 5' or so (in other words, at eye level). Insert a camera (doesn't matter where), then right click it and select "Create Animation." Select the circle as the animation path, then select a point within the model as the viewing target. Set the number of frames (list your circle to find its circumference and use that as a basis for determining the number of frames--if it's 500 feet and you want a frame every 2 feet, you'd set it to

250) and frame rate (I believe 24 fps is the maximum, 15 is usually adequate). Set the display type to Hidden and let 'er rip. AutoCAD will create a hidden line AVI file of your animation. I usually set the background color to white and make all the lines black. Warning: the output file is going to be huge, so don't run AutoCAD full screen while you're doing this. The big advantage is that you'll get an animation really fast, maybe just a few minutes if the model is small and the line hiding is rapid, so if you're not happy with the results, just tweak your parameters and try again.


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