Question about Autocad 2004 and Express Tools

Hello There:
We have Autocad 2000i with the express tools at the office and we use
them a lot. (layer freeze, thaw, etc.) My boss has asked me if we should
upgrade to 2004.
My question is do I still have those commands in 2004?
The reason I ask is because I was told the express tools
are not compatible with 2004.
Thank you for your help.
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Express tools is a part of AutoCAD 2004, so answer to your question yes. But within 2004 some other tools were added. I use express tool with AutoCAD 2000 and with AutoCAD 2004 myself and when I type in Command Line the same command that I use in 2000 (layiso, burst ets.) it works.
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Lev Milchin
The express tools have to be loaded separately, after your basic AutoCAD 2004 is loaded. The express tool installation is on the install disc as one of the options. One of my favorites was layer isolate and unisolate. 2004 eliminated the unisolate button. They kept the isolate button however. The unisolate command is still available if you type it in on the command line, while searching, an AutoDesk rep told me that I could create my own button if I wanted to use the unisolate command. My feeling was that if I had to spend almost 400 for an upgrade, (subscription) I should not have to spend my time to recreate something that worked fine in the previous version.
However, a better command, and much more useful is the layer previous button which is right next to the "make this layer active" button. The pair of commands are a beautiful match, but it took several weeks of hunting on the newsgroups, and dealer information to find it out.
Now - getting off the soapbox, the updated express tools come with 2004, I don't know though if you can still just "upgrade" Frank
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