autocad 2004

Any feedback on the success or failure of the new release 2004?
Would appreciate any feedback given.
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Thomas and Aubrey
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It would take me a month to see all off the differences ;-) but here are a few.......
- All the icon's normaly 16x16 bitmaps changed to 32x32 size. but are displayed in the same size as the old 16x16 buttons. So smoother icons is the result. (XP look) - Express tools are included in the CD. - Huge X-ref's improvements, - multiple attach, - relative path, so you can move a complete directory - You don't have to select the nested objects in an X-ref, but the whole X-ref will become "active" - editing a block within a X-ref is possible
(maybe you don't use X-ref, but if you use it like we do here a whole world of 'old' Acad problems dissapear) ;-)
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