AutoCAD 2004 Network Upgrade ?

We are planning to install the 2004 network upgrade (from subscription).
We have 13 licenses and would like to run 4 seats of 2004 and 9 seats
of 2002.
1. Will the old .LIC file work with the new license manager?
2. After upgrading to the license manager for AutoCAD 2004, can the new
FLEXlm 8.3 license manager still hand out licenses to the existing 2002
workstations in addition to new 2004 installs? Will anything need to be
done to the 2002 workstations after upgrading the license manager.
3. Can network 2002 and 2004 coexist on the same workstation (not
running at the same time)?
Thank you for your help!
Mike Loescher
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Mike Loescher, P.E.
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