Viewports tool bar - a silly question

I make extensive use of paper space so the Viewports tool bar was a handy
little item in ADT3.3. However, ADT 2004 is devoid of this feature. I have
created my own custom tool bar for viewports but cannot (a.k.a. I don't know
how to do it) create the drop down that lists the selectable standard
scales. Viewport scale resides on "properties palette". IMHO it is much more
convenient to select the active viewport scale via the (missing) Viewports
tool bar etc., blah, blah, blah. Help search for "viewports" directs one to
Viz (an included feature with ADT2k4).
Finally, the question! Can one copy the files for Viewports tool bar from
standard Acad 2k4 and place it in ADT2k4 without experiencing so type of
major disaster?
Thanks to all.
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George B
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Are you sure the toolbar disappeared or is it not turned on? It seems to me that an importand feature like viewports is not likely to be removed. You might check out under -View-toolbars-viewports.
I would not recommend copying parts of one menu to another.
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