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There is an interesting posting elsewhere that states, to the effect, that
this newsgroup is intended for discussion of the political and philisophical
state of rocketry.
Would someone who has been around a bit longer let me know if this is true?
I am able to glean some useful information, however it is getting harder and
harder to weed through all the bickering.
Yes I just did a semi-political post earlier this evening out of curiosity
on a specific topic.
If this is primarily a political forum, can someone recommend some more
technical sources. I do read ROL, EMRR, and browse a few other web sites and
Yahoo groups, and any pointers would be welcome. If politics is what RMR is
all about, I'll just check back every so often to see the news and move on.
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Al Gloer
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Remove the "l" & swap 2 letters and you get Al Gore. Fascinating.
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You came around during one of the more verbose political times. There are quite often technical posts and debates. Glue is one of the more enjoyable threads, but there are also discussions on shock cords, motor retention, fin materials, etc.
If you have a specific subject that you are looking for information about, I would suggest google. You can search for websites or news group search. Then you can follow up here for any more recent info.
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As the "primary instigator" of the political tone of late, let me say that is NOT the primary or even the historical emphasis of rmr. It is a temporary thing that the regular content is light right now because there is a "flame war" (not accurate term but you get the idea) going on right now.
It is a "frenzy".
I suggest if you want to talk about something else you start a thread and talk about it. Heck maybe somebody besides you is longing for actual content again.
Let us argue over here.
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Jerry Irvine
"however it is getting harder and harder to weed through all the bickering."
Welcome to rmr Al.
Actually, it has been my experience that if you post a specific question you will get quite a bit of very useful info. Most of these miserable political bastards actually know a hell of a lot about rocketry and can't wait for you to ask.
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Hey, I think some of us resemble that remark, although my wife prefers to use the term a**hole. She just doesn't understand the logical engineer or the "more power" parts.
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Sounds like you've pretty much got 'em all covered.
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It's political until someone (hint hint) asks a technical question. Then we all fight over the technical answer for a while, then go back to politics.
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Kurt Kesler
It's certainly the "topic do jour", but technical discussion is certainly appropriate also.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
It ebbs and flows. During the flying season, there are more technical posts and flight reports. During the downtime, election cycles and when the hobby comes under attack from the Feds, the political posts increase.
Mark Simpson NAR 71503 Level II God Bless our peacekeepers
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Mark Simpson
Isn't it in the FAQ? ; )
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Actually Al, rmr is all about everything..... including rockets. ; )
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