Minimum computer requirement for 2004

Can someone tell me what the minimum computer requirements we need to run
2004 please, we were running 2001Plus with no speed problems at all, the
same models upgraded and running in 2004 is a heartache.
We were not expecting the extra expense of upgrading our systems just to run
a new version of Solidworks.
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Phil Evans
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Upgrading computers is an unfortunate, expensive fact of life.
What are you looking to gain from minimum requirements? They are intended as "worst case scenario" and, in my opinion, should not be used. The minimum requirements simply tell you waht it takes to run the software, which could mean even extremely slow.
But...if you really want them for something, I believe they are posted on the SolidWorks web site under subscription login.
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I think the SW web site will tell you the minimum requirements. These might run a demo or some simple stuff.
Make sure that the problem is SW itself and not an installation or configuration problem.
And tell us what you are running now and what kind of work load you have.
Phil Evans wrote:
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Welcome to the real world. Every single release of SW has been slower than the previous one on the same hardware "PERIOD".
Yet they continue to claim performance increases. Either they're basing their claims on the "ASSumtion" that everyone upgrades their hardware every year, or their marketing dept. is outright lying. Marketing people and lawyers seem to have the uncanny ability to rationalize a spin on just about anything. That their reasoning seems moronic to most "thinking" people doesn't seem to phase them.
There was a thread, a while back, that discussed this subject in detail, (complete with performance benchmarks from several regulars). At one point a VAR, who had been lurking, chimed in with " well... it really is faster with the newer hardware" Duhhhhhh..
What an idiot.
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