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I am sorry to have to bring this up again (I feel like I am beating a dead horse here), but the problems with PNT Models fulfilling their orders persist.
I and another poster still have not received our respective orders. Both of us have received emails from PNT Models that the orders were being processed and would be shipped. I was told to wait three weeks and then I would be notified of shipment. I did wait three weeks and nothing. In the case of my fellow poster, they were told that their order would ship after the 2003 holidays. It's now February 2004 and still nothing.
Now, I read the following on Starship Modeler.com:
"Please Be Aware that Starship Modeler has received a number of reports of orders not being shipped in a timely manner, if at all, by this company. We strongly encourage you to get in contact with them first to make sure products are in stock and available for shipping."
The URL for the above quote is:
formatting link

I have tried to contact them through the email link to their page and from an email link on
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They unfortunately have not responded to any of the emails.
It seems that the only time they respond is when someone posts a problem with them in one of the forums.
In any event, can anyone tell me how to reach them?
John M.
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John R Meloro
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