What has been your experience in ordering from PNT Models?

What have been the experiences of people that have ordered from the PNT
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web site?
John M.
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John R Meloro
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I just received an order from PNT Models. They recently experienced a short delay in fufilling orders - but caught up. The total turnaround time for me was right at two weeks. I feel comfortable in ordering from them.
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Jim Lewis
Thanks for the feedback.
They have several conversion kits for the Polar Lights Enterprise out that I was interested in ordering. However, having never ordered from them before and only seen one post, I wanted to check with others before sending in the order.
The previous post must have been during their "difficulties/delay" in fulfilling orders time.
Thanks again, John M.
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John R Meloro
My experience on the whole has been one of vacancy, and deep void, mostly because I've never heard of them.
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I have the Destroyer and Tug Conversions. I think you'll like them - I like mine. I'm most impressed with their Instruction Sheets. They're formatted like the old StarFleet Technical Manual pages - pretty slick. Quite comprehensive.
The contents of the conversion kits are pretty good too. I ordered a sample of their decal sheets using the Franz Joseph font styles from the Manual too. Again - very nice. They are as nice as the JT Graphics sheets.
Enjoy! Jim
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Jim Lewis

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