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Hello! first a bit of background: We have network licenses for SW. We do work for customers. Different customers requires different version of SW. Need licenses for 2007 and

2008 at the same time. Got network licenses for SW2007 on old server. Want to move to new server. Got 1 (one) dongle. Some users tunnel in thru VPN to get license.

now the question: Which is the best way to manage the Network Licenses?

Best regards Jeppe

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Your SolidWorks 2007 station should be able to run with that 2008 network license. If not, then I'd contact the VAR for further details, and even have them set it up for you (for free, of course).

Matt Lorono

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If the VAR can't help and the 2008 license doesn't allow the 2007 seats to run and the EULA allows it I would consider trying to run two instances of the license server using different ports. Where the problem will come if that works is that you would potentially be able to run more seats of SW than you were entitled to.


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The 2008 license manager will support SolidWorks clients back to

2004. There's no problem with having multiple releases installed on each client.

The exception is COSMOS software. The license manager only supports COSMOS 2008 products. COSMOS 2007 and earlier would still require a separate license manager - but it can run on the same server.

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We recently installed a new 2008 Solidnet Licence server on a WinXP box and successfully run SW2007 networked clients without a problem (no COSMOS) - and were given good guidance on this beforehand from our UK VAR, NTCadcam

Murray Niman, BAE SYSTEMS UK

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