Customs WinXP environment

Is there anything on the market or even within WinXP that will
allow me to boot up into a clean custom environment just for
running Solidworks, ie I determine what gets started up?
I realise I can shut down TSR's after booting but was just
wondering if this is available.
Something that could switch back and forth to different working
environments would be even better.
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Phil Evans
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By "TSR", do you mean services and background tasks? If so, you can go to Start menu -> run msconfig to find controls in there for what starts. I use this to kill particularly rude software like iTunes. I don't know of a way to make easily selectable configurations of this. Perhaps you can create a new "hardware configuration". I haven't monkeyed with that.
In the past I have gone so far as to create new partitions on the HD with separate installs of Windows for the purpose of testing unreleased versions of SW. That might be an option to consider.
Out of curiosity, why do you need this clean start-up?
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Dale Dunn
I have a customer who has had a winglet designed in Rhino. When I import the file there is so much point data created in the translation for the splines used in the surface creation that my Solidworks craps out on me by slowing down to a crawl. I am finding it very frustrating working with this file and Solidworks give me the "Cant find enough memory" error.
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Phil Evans
I think this one can do something like that:
formatting link
I would use nLite and dual boot
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Markku Lehtola (Phil Evans) wrote in news:n8GdnSw0cKNNPTHanZ2dnUVZ
Yuck. Does it only do that during import, or does it behave better after import?
Just to be sure, are you already using the /3GB switch?
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Dale Dunn
have you tried using the 3gb switch?
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Hello Phil,
You may find it helpful to explore the use of "Hardware Profiles" in Windows.
A number of profiles may be configured and then when booting up it is possible to select which one to use to run Windows.
The hardware profile controls which devices are started (with their associated drivers) during bootup.
After the profile is created, it's possible to use the Control Panel- Administrative Tools-Services applet to enable or disable individual services. This can reduce the number of programs (services) which are launched during bootup.
You'll need to be careful not to disable any of the services which are required for Windows or SolidWorks to run properly. Some experimentation will be necessary.
In addition to the custom settings you may make using Hardware Profiles and Services, it could be good to reduce the number of programs listed in the "Startup" menu of your user profile's Start-All Programs-Startup list in Windows.
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