sucky autocad preformance

i hav a 2.8Ghx p4 w/ ht
a p4p800-s asus mother board
1GB ram
so the problem.
autocad is sucking it big time. switching between layouts blows, osnap
is acting funny
i'm not sure whats going on. does anyone have preformance tips they can
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Version? Have you checked into Named Layer Filters? They could be the culprit.
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Michael Bulatovich
Is this something new? Are you a new user trying to learn AutoCAD, or are you an experienced user who's just started having problems? Which version of AutoCAD? What OS? Tell us more. ___
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Paul Turvill
alrighty. i'm definately not a noob. i've been hackin around in autocad now for abotu 10 years.
ive just started experiancing preformance issues with autocad in the past week or so.
its Arhictectural Desktop 2004. i'm running winxp pro
no viruses, or anything of the sort
i don't retain layout info, i regen each time i switch, but that not the issue.
the big thing thats pissing me off is the shitty osnap preformance.. a lot of the time the grip won't even show up
and the insanely stupid load times. and file shutdown times
any comments people?
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adt 2k4.
in my case michael i don't think that is the issue. i only have a couple hundred layers, with no filters (i don't believe in that crap)
thanks for the help. so far no solution. keep them coming guys
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a virus is my 1st guess & crappy video card is my 2nd
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hey thanks longshot yer right, that was a longshot. hehe
virus free,
yes i do have a crappy vid card, however its never given me problems. and i can play Counter Strike: Source pretty damn good
any other suggestions?
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mine was doing it a couple months ago & i found that i had a system worm (virus) avast is a free anti-virus that could tell you.. some programs don't detect worms
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Autocad creates individual proxy entities that are contained o specific layers. Having a couple hundred layers is part of you problem. The more layers that you have the more chances that yo have reatined these entities. custom linetypes create these problem as do unnamed layer states. Try reducing the number of layers tha you have form your template, add them as you need them by insertin blocks
You should also check to see if your .shx files have become corrupt.
they will from time to time, especially if they are large. you ca download hexeditor from Hdsoftware. this is a binary file edito that allow you to view the code, which is what you are looking for it will look like this
If you see anything other than number on the code side, you have
corrupt file
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