Mayor preformance problems with Acad 2006

Since we upgraded acad 2002 to 2006 we are experiencing mayor preformance
problems with our system speed.
Drawings keep locking up, generating drawings to pdf files with acrobat 7
professional takes hours, and so on.
Does anyone of u had the same problem?
What items can I check to point out the exact reason for these problems?
Furthermore I can't migrate any of our custom made puldown(slides) after I
convert them to the new *.cui format. They all show empty tiles.
Any suggestions?
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Hello, someone have already ask for the same question, 1 month ago Do you speak about Autocad 2006, or Autodesk map 3d 2006 ?
if it's Autodesk map go to :
formatting link
have some explication and then
formatting link
see what to do Title are in french, but explication are in english
I experienced the same problem, but it resolves itself the next time you run Autocad Many problems with Autocad 2006 comes from the fact that Autocad don't apply your modifications instantly.
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