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I use Autocad Mechanical 2006 on and off and should consider myself a total beginner. I wrote a lisp routine with wordpad (zz.lsp) to automate a few simple commands - zoom; explode; wblock. I saved the file to a location on our network and loaded the routine.Acad answers by saying: zz.lsp succesfully loaded. However I have no clue how to start the routine. I thought if you save the routine as zz.lsp you can start the routine by typing zz at the command prompt or you could attach it to a command button. This does not work. Acad tells me this is an unknown command. I'll appreciate any help.

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Examine the zz.lsp file. The routine should begin with "Defun" (DEfine FUNction) lisp command

The term after the "defun" command is what you would type at the command line. If the command is defined like this: (denfun c:zz ()... blah blah then it should work with zz at the command prompt - if there is no "c:" in the defun then it needs to be entered as (zz) at the command prompt.

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