Offset Text lisp routine

Does anyone know where I can get a lisp routine to make a command for
offsetting text?
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Aaron Fox
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If you want to make this in Lisp ,you can look closer to the text entity yieled by Entget. This way you can Entmake a new entity ,all you need to alter is the text insert point found in the Entity list. To offset this point value is a simple calculation it will not make many lines of code in Lisp but , you must know the basics about Mapcar and Apply functions and how they work a list ------ So I suggest that you consider if you want to use Lisp, that you use it as a script ,and use the build in commands in a script. With Copy you can make the text entity you want to offset ,with Move you can offset the entity allmost as smooth as writing a Lisp program that calculate the offset cooerdinates. Putting Copy and Move into a small script will be very simple.
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HiHo; go to
formatting link
and search the "get the code" for MoveText.lsp
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