lisp routine

Does anyone know of or have a lisp routine that has an increment function.
Say for example i array or copy the number 1 fifty times, then want to
change these numbers accordingly to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc all the way to 50
(without having to click each individual number) Maybe even a command that
copies or arrays with an automatic numeric increment???
Would be greatly appreciated if someone has the lisp or know how. I can be
emailed at njs
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Download the anx autolisp routine from
formatting link
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did you miss previous answer?
I have one on my site that will do that but the number has to be the only attribute in a block (not text). You can pick any interval, starting number, and alpha-numeric prefix. It's called bseq.lsp , for Block SEQuencer.
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Brian Spillane
I'm lost. How old is this thread?
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Michael Bulatovich
Jass's inquiry showed up way down on my list as unread. (since deleted) but his was a new inquiry, he simply did not read your answer to it when he posted to the old thread.
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Brian Spillane

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