AutoCAD 2000i w/ Win xp....

My company is currently running AutoCAD 2000i on Win98 (ARRGGHHH!). We are
getting ready to upgrade to WinXP (finally!!). Are there any issues out
there with 2000i and WinXP that we should be aware of?
Thanks in advance!
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Chuck Sowers
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when you are preparing to install 2000i right click on the setup.exe program on the autocad disk then click properties. click the "compatability" tab and run the file as windows 98 compatibable, otherwise you will get an error saying that you must have such and such an operating system to run this progra,
no other errors i have found in the 2 years running autocad 2k & 2ki on win xp computers
rock on, remember, its not work, its autocad
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Adam B
Thanks, Adam!
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Chuck Sowers

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