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The last time I had to take a CAD test as part of the hiring process I got a nasty surprise. I had last used R14 and was given 2000 to do this simple little drawing. There was no ddchprop, no ddmodify, only this stupid properties window that I didn't even know how to turn on and off. I took the whole 45 minutes to do the simple drawing. I got the job, but about had a heart attack trying not to look like an idiot for the silly test. Friday I will do the same thing on 2004, having last used 2000i, and that 2 years ago (been using uStation lately). If anyone can give me a heads-up on anymore 'features' that might sneak-up on me Friday, I would be ever grateful. Meantime, I'll look at the so-informative-and-detailed comparison sales slicks on Autodesk's site.


As a lowly Drafter, I take solace in the likelyhood that, unlike my engineers and architects, my mistakes will not outlive me.

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I just went through this exact circumstance around Thanksgiving. There's a few oddities that I wasn't sure about, but being a keyboard hack, I muddled through it without much trouble. I'm using 2Ki and tested on 2k4 (I think).

Sorry I can't be more specific. The properties issue is different again, though not as drastic as the 14-2000 jump.

Good luck to you. Just brush up on the 'old ways' and you'll be fine. Also, be sure to tell them what version you're using. If they're any good, they'll allow a bit of time for 'adjustment'.

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Button-clickers and menu-pullers take note. Another benefit of keyboard orientation ; )

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Michael Bulatovich

The only thing that has stuck in mind as a reason to upgrade from 2002 to

2004 is that it has tabs in mtext. Maybe you can use that to look cool and contemporary.
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