2000i LDD

Our office owns both Autocad R-14 and LDD 2000i. But everyone is still using R-14. I believe this is because at the time LDD was purchased (some yrs back) the computers in house were too slow. In any case I'm trying to learn (switch from R-14) to LDD and I have a few questions.

  1. My Format->Text only has one Font Style available which is STANDARD, (styles not Fonts). Are the LEROY Font styles still available for this version of Cad ?
2.In my old R-14 with Softdesk 8 Survey/Engineering add on, it had an AEC Setup Drawing menu that would set your desired drawing plot scale and automatically set the LEROY fonts at the proper height for that plot scale (model space here). Is there any way to do this with LDD 2000i ?
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