2007 question

Hello we recently purchased Civil3D (Autocad 2007)
It comes with a complimentary LDD since the Civil3D
is supposed to have a term learning curve.
Anyhow I noticed on the paperwork that you must
uninstall any previous LDD or it will have problems
with the complimentary LDD. So we are keeping that
in mind.
But we also have an R-14 version on the machine
(that we keep for other old drawings that we revised
from time to time without dealing with proxies) and
I noticed that some of the Softdesk v-8 stuff is disabled
since we installed Civil3D. I was wondering if anyone
else knows about this or any work around.
Additionally we are wondering if we do not install
the Complimentary LDD can the Civil3d still run on the
same machine as our 2001 LDD ?
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