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I wrote an add-in while my company was on SW2006 that saves a pdf file when a drawing is saved to a certain directory. Worked great. When we upgraded to 2007, we just did an upgrade to existing installations. The add-in still works long as you had it installed with a sw2006 installation. I ended up having to uninstall SW completely and then reinstall 2007 as a fresh install. Since I did that, I can't load my add-in DLL. I get an error that says "Unable to initialize the Add-in Component" I've worked with my reseller's tech-support and they took it to Solidworks API support and I still haven't heard any conclusions to the issue. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if anyone has a way to fix it. I've verified that I have write access to my "temp" directory in the system variables and I've verified that the VBA folders exist.


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Try this, it worked for me,

Hello Bill,

If your AddIn is a C# or VB.NET AddIn, then you should be able to use:

regasm /codebase filename.dll

This will register the AddIn for SW. Be sure to use the /codebase option as this will help SW to locate the AddIn.



Note: you can find the regasm.exe file with a search of your os drive, use the latest one. you will probably need the full path so drag and drop the regasm file onto your Run command line (Start Menu > Run). Also, you will most likely need the full path of your dll so drag and drop it onto the line as well.

Bill Briggs

yawdro wrote:

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Bill Briggs

My reseller got a SPR# for this problem. It's not fixed in SP1. HTH, Ralf yawdro schrieb:

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See the thread entitled:

SW 2007 Upgrade

especially item 2 in my post.


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