Display of ARCs in 2002 (LDD3)

I am having a problem with the display of an arc on my screen in a
particular drawing (I am running 2002 with Land Development Desktop
3). I draw the arc and but it displays as a straight line (chord)
instead. I can't select the chord, it's as if it's not there, but if
I click on where the arc should be it "magically" appears, but only
while it is selected. When I cut and paste this arc into another
drawing, it will display normally. I have tried adjusting the Display
Resolution settings under the options menu, and have also tried
changing the whiparc variable from 0 to 1. Any ideas?
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Steve Roix
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Try a REGEN. If it continues to be a nuisance, your VIEWRES setting is too low.
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Michael Bulatovich
Actually, I figured it out. It was the "SHADEMODE" variable, set to flat (should have been set to 2D wireframe). Thanks anyway.
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Steve Roix
set VIEWRES to fast zooms, and also set it to 10000 resolution
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