SolidWorks 2001 Display Bug

I am trying to get SolidWorks 2001 working on a PC with a Geforce
6600, Athxlon XP 2400+ with 512Mb.
It runs, but I have an odd display problem. Everything in the viewport
dissappears after it is drawn. If I do a redraw, or alt tab away and
back - I momentarily see everything, then it disappears again.
When I am drawing a feature, it stays visible until it is no longer
selected. I can make things appear peicemeal by highlighting them
(hovering my mouse over them) - but when I click or modify one, it all
disappears again.
This is very frustrating - i have tried using the "Reset to Factory
Settings" option in the preferences, and I have tried playing with
most of the options - but I really have no idea why this is happening
or what it means.
The features are definately there - as they are in the feature stack.
Just for reference - I dont see datum surfaces, or the axis, or indeed
anything in the viewport window unless it is actually highlighted.
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Given the value of your time and the cost per hour of work to be billed out, I would think it would be better to find another "system".
At this point a VAR is not interested in trying to support 2001, even if he wanted to do so, and he can't easily replicate your situation or earn any dollars doing it. I doubt many people reading this list even remember 2001 & 2001+, let alone use 2001, and I know I don't, even though I used them.
I do know that some companies "lock in" on a specific release of some software and don't want to upgrade, but then at some point that means the company has to support itself in electing to stay with a given release. I know a medical company that did that where a friend worked, and they were using 5 year old software, & they also locked into "old" PII 400-800 mhz machines, too. Very inefficient and a total waste of their engineering manpower, just to save subscription costs of maybe $10k/yr.
Lots of help is available if you run 2004 or 2005, and I personally would not waste my time on anything less than 2004.
I only have so many hours to produce in a day.
ori> I am trying to get SolidWorks 2001 working on a PC with a Geforce
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It has been a long while (seems like) since I've used 2001 but some of the display problems remain unchanged regardless of the version you are on.
I don't know if the graphic card/driver is the issue, but it is one avenue to investigate. Here are a couple of simple checks you can make:
Go to Systems and find the "Use Software Open GL" check box. If the box is checked, uncheck, then see what happens. If it is checked then uncheck and again observe the results.
Go to the SolidWorks website and look at their graphics page info. Having the right driver version for SolidWorks can sometimes make a difference.
Also go to your graphic driver settings and verify if you are using the OPEN GL or SolidWorks driver. Try both and see if either makes a difference.
If you are covered under the SW maintenance agreement then contact your VAR and ask them to help you. Doesn't matter what version you are on.
Good Luck, Kman
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What OS are you running on? At the time 2001 was supported, I think NT4 sp6a, Win2k, and Win 98SE were the supported systems. It may never run correctly on XP. Prehaps if you could run an older viedo driver that was compatible on those platforms, but I think you video card is too to run with drivers of that vintage.
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Dale Dunn
Definately a classic Nvidia Geforce driver problem. Can't suggest a solution as the SW version is so old. SW has drastically changed the way it uses OpenGL since 2001. If you had an old Geforce card, you might be able to find a driver by searching back in the NG four years. You'd also stand a better chance if your using NT4 or Win2K. If your using XP, I'm surprised it even runs at all.
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Mark Mossberg

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