Display problem in Layouts

Anybody seen this before?
In my layouts, the viewport obscures any text or linework
that overlaps it...like the viewport is opaque and "on top".
The entities are invisble unless they are selected.
When the viewport is turned off, they become visible.
The obscured entities are visible in plot preview,
and they plot correctly on paper.
Draworder and layer manipulation has no effect.
Mview options don't address the problem, either.
Any ideas how to correct this?
I'm hoping it's some new environment variable,
but I haven't found it yet.
(Hope it's not a display driver issue)
Much obliged,
I'm using Acad 2002, Win2K,
AccelSTAR graphics card, 768x1024, 16 bit color
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John Johnson
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Funny, I was just about to post the same question except that I hadn't figured out how to ask this yet...
I'm running ACAD2K, WinXP, and I've got an Intel 82845G Graphics Controller.
I'm betting it's not a display driver issue, especially since I don't think that it was doing this to me before.
I've tried the same things to fix it, with no luck.
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Ensure that Shademode is "2dwireframe" in every viewport.
John B
johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.
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