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I've just designed a cut down layout of Crewe which would make a challenging layout. It's still to big for me to fit anywhere though (8m long but better than a proper scale model).

Has anyone out there attempted to model Crewe and had any success?

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I can recall an about a model of Crewe in an extremely old (late 1960s?) Railway Modeller. I'll need to check my library in the cold garage when I get home this evening (it's winter in Melbourne!) and will let you know by email directly.


EverettPet wrote:

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gary kirby

I cant remember any layouts of Crewe, but I do recall an article in RM in the 1980's where this guy had built a model of Birmingham New Street, which ran in his garden - I think BNS was in a shed or building and was pretty much to scale.

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John Ruddy

He used to open it to the public once a year for charity. went round about 8 years ago. impressive layout in about 100 ft of garden

it not onbly icluded BNS but the rotunda etc..

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old git

Don's Miniature New Street

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looks fantastic!


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