plotting layouts

When plotting in 2004, 2005 or 2006, how does one easily change the
properties of several layouts to reflect a different printer and say,
a different scale?
E.g. I have 5 layouts which are all saved as A3 using printer 'A' .
If I want to output a set of prints to another printer (e.g. PDF file
output) - what is the easiest way to do this?
Or , if I want to print the same 5 which are normally A3 as A4 - is
there an easy way to print the set without manually editing/updating
each layout?
thanks in advance,
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That is a good question. I just upgraded from 2006 to 2008. Now I want to publish to PDF, which is fine, but I need to go and change the plotter and paper size on every layout..this particular drawing has 52 layout. Any way to globally change plot setting in layouts?
Thanks, jojo
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I am still on 2000, but I plot a page at a time and use in my Page Setup Name dialog box, upper right corner, when I want to plot a set with new settings.
after I CHANGE the settings for the first page, that is. at least no need to repeat that procedure.
newer versions may have better tools, but this is not particularly onerous, for me.
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Thanks for the input. Publishing is much more detailed and automatic than plotting, once all the setting have been configured. When you have many pages to plot, it's much less time consuming to use sheet sets in conjunction with publishing to plot to file, pdf, printer or plotter automatically in the background while you move on to something else.
Thanks jojo
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donw wrote in news:1181644110.805629.81150
In acad2000 we highlight (select) all the layout tabs we want to print, THEN right click while mousing over the tabs, it will then allow a global plot, my beef is order of sheets is not always as expected or order of selection :-( ron
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Does 2000 have sheet sets? fixes all of that!
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