You can always press the [Print Scrn SysRq] key and paste into paint crop then pase into word.
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Hi folks!
Is it possible make a copy from AutoCad of a shaded solid model and paste it
into i.e. an Office document? When I do this get only the wireframe as
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Björn Karlsen
Or render to a BMP and import the BMP into your document.
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Daniel J. Ellis
If you want a hi res image, by far the best way is: Tools>Preferences Select the [Printers] tab, [New] (Add printer) Select the "Raster file export ADI" from near the bottom of the list. Add a description & click [OK] Select the options in the acad text window. Once you've setup your new output device simply print to that device. Acad will prompt you for a filename & voila. The real cool thing about using this method is that you can setup many different output formats from low to hi res. (upto 8000 x 8000 pixals) For detailed drawings I tend to use 4096 x 3072 tga or tiff. Try to avoide bmp if you can as even at hi res as you tend to lose detail. You can always open these in your favorite image editing software & convert to bmp if need be. All office apps support tiff & tga anyway.
good luck
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Thanks for that tip, I've been looking for something like that for a while.
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